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Welcome to Acts Christian Church! I am so glad that you took the opportunity to stop in and visit this website. I pray that the Ministry within these pages will dramatically impact your life. Please look around and enjoy. There is so much information within this site and we have designed it with you in mind. From downloadable audio and video sermons to calendar event information to chat and discussion forums, we know you will find exactly what you are looking for.

And please share us with your friends and family by telling them about the Actscc.co.uk website. It’s a great opportunity to spread the Word to those you love. Thanks again for taking time to stop in – and always remember…… Building Bridges..Changing Lives.


To development and deliver seven key principles to prove the movement of God. Bringing life, salvation and change to those in need; ministries or individuals.

To heighten the believers’ walk of faith and bring a positive change through the seven w’s for generations to come. These God given principles are to be taught ensuring the ministry and emerging churches understand, demonstrate and manifest a life of witness welcome warfare welfare worship word and wonders as highlighted in the book of Acts.

The history

On 13.02.10 at the close of the Saturday session, Bishop closed with a Bible study from Acts 2; 41-47. Members shared their thoughts on the verses of scripture then spent a moment of pause in silence before sharing what the passage meant to them. At that point, a sister felt an unction in her spirit regarding the name of the new church as ‘StoreHouse’.

Bishop put the 7-W’s on the projector for leaders to review. Expressions carried on seeing all the 7W’s represented in the Storehouse. Pastor Raymond expressed seeing the vision of (EICOG) Immanuel – God with us and (FFMI) – Building foundations all within the 7 W’s. Bishop then stood and shared that what came in his spirit was Acts Ministries. The leaders unanimously felt a witness and expressed excitement about the implications for generations.

It was agreed that the working name would be ACTS CHRISTIAN CHURCH, giving the first church it’s identity.

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